Documentation Scraping Camel

Welcome to the Scraping Camel documentation. If you are interested in how the application is used you are in the right place.

Scraping Camel is a web service that crawls the HTML pages of a website. It gets information from them, saves it, and generates one output CSV file from it.

This guide helps you understand how to use Scraping Camel. You can find more about the application here.

Important info:

1. JavaScript

Scraping Camel does not render javascript, which means that if some content on the page is hidden by it, Scraping Camel cannot extract it. HTML works only.


2. Extraction data

The principle of data extraction is based on features, not on elements.


3. Browsing data

It is not primarily intended for browsing data. It means that if you want to browse the data more sophisticatedly, you have to use another tool (Mergado or others) to go through the data.


4. Independent

You can use Scraping Camel independently of Mergado. All you need to do is create an account and have your online store there, that’s all.

6. Verified domain

The condition for using Scraping Camel is to have a functional sitemap file and a verified domain.