App overview

In this section, we will show you how to understand Scraping Camel.

screenshot 2021.04.23 14 06 01

After completing the settings, you will see this report. It contains all the exports you create.

1. Right report panel

screenshot 2021.04.23 14 06 01 2
  • Discovered pages 1. (List of discovered pages)
    • Here you can find the list of pages that Scraping Camel discovered.
  • Downloaded pages 2. (List of downloaded pages)
    • Click here for a list of downloaded pages.
  • Elements 3. (List of defined elements)
    • Here you get an overview of the elements of individual pages that you have defined.
  • Elements 3.1. (Edit elements)
    • You get to the page where you can create or edit existing elements.
  • Export files 4 (List of exported files)
    • Click here to get the list of exported files.
  • Exporting files 4.1. (Creating a new export file)
    • You can create a new export file here.