Scraping Camel

Downloads all important data from the web to a single CSV file

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Why Scraping Camel?

Scraping Camel is an app in the Mergado ecosystem. It browses the HTML document of the website, from which it extracts the elements specified by the user. It then creates a CSV file that contains the required data.

Multiple uses

You can use Scraping Camel both for non-ecommerce websites (product catalogs, websites) and for regular online stores, provided that they have a functional sitemap file.

Gain valuable data

You can get any data from the site, for example: site names, product descriptions and prices, and much more. The app can retrieve any data. It’s up to your needs.

Advertising campaigns

Thanks to Scraping Camel, you can create product or categorical feeds yourself. All you need is to have a working sitemap.

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App preview

Find out what the app looks like and how easy it is to use. Look it up directly at the Mergado ecosystem.

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App overview

Scraping Camel downloads the entire website for you into one CSV file and will continuously add new information to its content as you change the website

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Editing elements

In Scraping Camel, you can define any elements you want to get from the web

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All in one CSV

When done, Scraping Camel will generate a CSV file in which you will find all the required data that you can work with

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